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Dr. Steve Talks About Zylast

CBS LA News Report
CBS Los Angeles Reports on Zylast and the Ebola Grand Challenge


Contest Seeks Novel Tools for the Fight Against Ebola - New York Times - Dec 12 2014

2013 School Study Shows Zylast Antiseptic Lotion Reduces School Absenteeism and Raises Funding LevelsZylast

Zylast Products Show Antimicrobial Persistence - Dentistry IQ

Clinical Studies

Extended Protection of the Zylast Products - Pace University, Haskins Laboratories

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Zylast XP Antiseptic Lotion MSDS

Zylast XP Antiseptic MSDS

Zylast XP Foaming Hand Soap MSDS

Zylast XP Surgical Scrub MSDS