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Essentials for your Office, Facilities and now your Home

You and your staff need business and facility essentials to meet goals, make progress and succeed in the work place! When that's done with smiles on faces, it puts one on yours! Affordable Custodial Supplies, Inc. (ACS Affordable) can help you get those smiles and the work done.

Workplace & Workforce Essentials

For staff responsible for locating, evaluating and purchasing facility and office essentials such as:

office & break room supplies

restroom supplies

janitorial, custodial and sanitizing supplies

facility maintenance supplies

foodservice disposibles and

basic safety supplies

ACS Affordable is your reliable, reasonably priced and service oriented solution. We stay on the forefront of facility and office advancements to provide you, our customer, with tested and proven products that are designed to make everyday work life easier and your workplace healthier.

Why ACS Affordable?

Unlike box, discount clubs or chain stores our professional products and solutions are provided by professional individuals who possess specific facility and office place industry training, practical work place experience and the capability to service what we've sold you. We can provide you with name brand products or in-house branded products which can replace the status quo for better savings with matched cleaning and sanitation protocols. ACS Affordable is committed to educating our customers about their choices so a decision can be made with knowledge, not perception.

Many of our janitorial cleaning products don't rely on harsh chemicals to do their job. Instead they harness cutting edge technology to kill germs and odors and protect against re-contamination, safely and effectively. With new strains of bacteria and viruses appearing all the time, and with many of them becoming resistant to the chemicals we hope will kill them, new and better ways of protecting against them are needed.

From our persistent Zylast hand sanitizing soaps and lotions and eco-friendly Vital Oxide disinfectant and deodorizer to our 90 day home, office, and facility sanitizing with Biologic, we've got you covered. WE CARE about your health, and we've made it our business to help you improve health and wellness at your workplace or in your home.

Any environment in which people live, work, and play together can be a source of pathogens including cold and flu viruses, staph and strep infections, MRSA, Hepatitis, E. Coli, salmonella, HIV, and a myriad of other unpleasant and downright deadly diseases. It can be extremely difficult to keep these germs at bay with typical disinfectant products and procedures when surfaces are continuously being contaminated in homes, schools, offices, gyms, doctor's offices, restaurants, police and medical vehicles, dorms, and detention centers. Even a common handshake can lead to illness.

Foodborne, surface, and airborne pathogens cost the U.S. billions of dollars and may thousands of lives every year. Adults miss work, children miss school, and patients contract life-threatening illnesses in medical facilities while they are being treated for other conditions.

We're out to change things with our unique line up of eco-friendly, non-toxic products and services that outperform the ones you're currently using.